About me
Common Questions

First and foremost I listen to you. I listen with a trained ear and lots of experience. Second, I hold an emotional space for you that is safe and conducive to the expression of your authentic self. Third, I respond interactively in sessions, helping you to sort out your thoughts, feelings and concerns. In addition, I may help you to become more aware of your needs and motivations. I may challenge your beliefs and help you to examine your values. I may help you to become more self aware and mindful. I may help you to become more accepting of yourself. I may help you to cope with situations you can not change. I may help you to look at things that may be difficult. Throughout the process I will respect your right to self determination and support you in making changes that you feel would be beneficial to you and your situation.

Issues and concerns I help with:


  Eating Disorders
  Grief/loss and bereavement
  Low self esteem
  Mid life crisis
  Job dissatisfaction
  Childhood trauma
  Family problems
  Social Discomfort
  Aging Parents
  Relationship Conflicts
  Vocational Stress

Phase of Life Problems;

  Adjustment to caregiving: 
  Adjustment to divorce
  Adjustment to empty nest
  Adjustment to parenthood
  Adjustment to retirement
  Adjustment to unemployment

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